Step 1 - Contact

Call Melita on 0404 309 706 to organize a quote or fill out the contact form where she will get back to you.

Step 2 - Sketch

Next we come up with a time to inspect the site and do measurements while collaborating on the final result you desire. She will then produce a sketch before receiving the go ahead.

Step 3 - Paint

Once everything is in place, Melita will then start painting the design.


  • Murals - Also known as wall art, is Melita's primary line of work which will turn those dull walls into beautiful art giving something that invites, inspires and admires.
  • Canvas - If you're not ready to commit with a Mural then request a canvas in which the same art designs can be applied.
  • Signs - Need an attractive and appealing sign for a business, show or event? Grab peoples attention and advertise the right way with a sign made by Melita.

Recent WorkView more

Yawarra Tree 2

By incorporating the centre's logo symbol and colours, this mural brightens the entrance with a welcoming feel. The mural has been painted directly onto the brickwork and has involved the children by using their hand prints.

Yawarra Tree 1

The mural incorporates the centre's logo by combining the company colours and tree symbol. Children from the centre contributed to the mural by painting their hand prints and representing a community feel.

Sensory Apple Tree

This mural has been painted on plywood and has a range of different textures to allow the children to experience sensory stimuli. It's feel, as well as it's bold artwork, creates an interest to children and in particular those with special...