Yawarra Tree 2

By incorporating the centre's logo symbol and colours, this mural brightens the entrance with a welcoming feel. The mural has been painted directly onto the brickwork and has involved the children by using their hand prints.

Yawarra Tree 1

The mural incorporates the centre's logo by combining the company colours and tree symbol. Children from the centre contributed to the mural by painting their hand prints and representing a community feel.

Sensory Apple Tree

This mural has been painted on plywood and has a range of different textures to allow the children to experience sensory stimuli. It's feel, as well as it's bold artwork, creates an interest to children and in particular those with special...

Play Cafe Doors

These fun cute characters brighten up the doors and make the rooms easy for children to identify.

Australian Sunset

This mural is painted on a rendered wall. It creates an original and interesting front yard by exhibiting the client's favourite landscape.